Registration informaiton for HSK/YCT Tests

Hongfan Chinese Academy Cobb Campus will host at-home online tests on Saturday 12/10/2022 to provide HSK 4-5 and YCT 1-4 tests . Please follow the instructions below carefully to complete registration and make payment to secure your seat.

Registration deadline: 11/26/2022 at noon

How to register:

1. Use the link below to register an account:

2. Choose test location: North America + USA + Internet-based test (at-home) + test date 09/03/2022, then select Ruby Bridge Chinese Academy Cobb Campus (美国红帆中文学校Cobb校区).

3. Choose test to register and complete registration. Note that for HSK at-home tests, the spoken test HSKK is also required by the test provider. You need to register for both the HSK test of your choice and the required HSKK test:

- HSKK Basic is required if taking HSK 3

- HSKK Intermediate is required if taking HSK 4

- HSKK Advanced is required if taking HSK 5

4. Pay for registration fee. Zelle to (please include as note the student’s name and the test they will take). Alternatively, write a check payable to Hongfan Chinese Academy and give it to our school admin. Below is the fee schedule.

Equipment Requirements:

Before registration, please make sure that your system and environment meet the following test requirements.

1. A computer running Windows 7/10. Screen resolution should be 1366*768 or above. Mac OS operating systems and mobile devices are not supported.

2. Network bandwidth should be 20M and speed 150KB/s or above.

3. High-definition PC camera (built-in or external; 300,000 pixels or above); the room should be well lit to ensure clear images.

4. Mobile phone with camera: Invigilation software should be downloaded onto the phone as directed by the test center.

1) The test taker should enter the designated meeting room one hour before the test starts, placing the mobile phone one meter behind them and slightly to the left or the right, so that the invigilator can see both the computer screen and the test taker.

2) The invigilator will undertake a 360-degree inspection of the test environment through the invigilating software.

3) The test taker should ensure his or her mobile phone is connected to WiFi and turn on flight mode.

4) The mobile phone should be fully charged to ensure normal operation for the full duration of the test.

5. HSKK test takers should have good-quality headphones with a microphone, which should be excellent in acoustic insulation and transmission.

6. The test should be undertaken in a closed, separate room to ensure there is no disturbance. The test may not be taken in any open environment, for example parks, Internet cafes, or restaurants. All hardware and equipment that will be used for the test should be placed in plain sight on the desk. This should include no item that is not being used for the test. No other people may enter the test room during the test. The test result shall be rendered invalid if the test taker is seen to violate any of these regulations.