HSK/YCT Test and Prep Information

  • 2021年秋季红帆中文将接受HSK3-5和YCT3-4的报名,考试形式和日期待定。

  • 毕业班学生(马立平八年级)需要至少通过HSK4考试。通过HSK4考试以及完成所需年级学习的学生可以获得毕业证书。

  • 2021暑期开设HSK4和YCT4辅导班,请要参加的通过学校注册系统报名: regcobb.rubybridge.org

  • We will accept HSK3-5 and YCT3-4 test registration for Fall 2021. More information about test dates and how to register will be announced when available.

  • MLP-8 students are required to pass HSK4 or HSK5 to graduate.

  • We offer the HSK4 and YCT4 prep courses in summer 2021. Sign up here: regcobb.rubybridge.org

HSK/YCT考试官方网站 Official website for HSK/YCT tests

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